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Singing for Fun - Wednesdays 1:15pm - 2:45pm

People love to sing. Whether or not they can carry a tune, people seem to understand that there’s something positive — something healthy — in the act of raising their voices in song.

In fact, there’s solid scientific evidence to prove that singing is, in fact, good for your body and your mind.

We are looking for more members to join our Singing for Fun group. You really don't need to sing well - our emphasis is on 'Fun'. We meet every Wednesday at 1:15pm in St Matthew's Church, Crumpsall although people of any faith and none are welcome as we are not a part of the church.

Our maestro Fred and pianist Paul lead the group through a mix of songs, and there are several opportunities during the year to perform to an audience. Both ladies and gentlemen are welcome, but we are particularly short of gentlemen so would encourage any to come along and give us a try.

The cost is £2.50 per session which includes tea/coffee and a biscuit, and if after trying us out you decide to join C3A, an annual membership fee of £10 applies.

If anyone would like to go, but prefers someone to go with them the first time, please contact us and we can arrange that.

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