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Friday 10:15am to 12:15pm

Held at Crumpsall Community Hall, Cleveland Road, Crumpsall.

Termtime Dates  - C3A  Art Course - Tutor Mary Burke


Date                                       Subject                                             Materials

12 April 2024                        Watercolours Birds                         Watercolours, brushes,watercolour paper

Art tutor lead                                                                                  masking tape, rubbers, pencils, wipes


19th April                             Own creativity session                    Personal materials of choice


26th April                             Bricks                                               Watercolours & Inks, paper, masking

Art tutor lead                                                                                 tape, wipes  


1st May                                 Own creativity session                     Personal materials of choice


10th May                              Pastel landscape                               Pastels (can provide if you haven't got any),

Art tutor lead                                                                                  pastel paper, aprons, recommend plastic                                                                                                                   gloves, if desired and wipes


17th May                             Individual creativity session              Individual art supplies


24th May                            Own projects                                       Personal materials of choice

Tutor on Leave                                                                                    


31st May                              Individual creativity session            Personal materials of choice


7th June                               Mosque/Church & Sunset                Pencils, watercolours, paper, masking tape,   Art tutor lead                      Boat                                                    wipes 


14th June                             Individual creativity session            Personal art supplies


21st June                             Own projects                                     Personal art materials

Tutor on Leave


28th June                             Individual creativity session             Personal art supplies


5th July                                Figures & people                              Paints choice, masking tape, wipes,

Art tutor lead                                                                                  apron, gloves if required


12th July                              Individual creativity session             Personal art supplies


19th July                              Holidays, Travel, Journey                 Passport, suitcase, small sketchbooks,

Art tutor lead                                                                                   markers, pens & coloured pencils

26th July                              Individual creativity session             Personal art supplies   


We are closed throughout August - the next session will be Friday 6th September


Students' Comments

Attendance on Friday mornings varies between seven and ten.  Mind you if everyone turned up it would be very cosy indeed!  I was late last week and the silence in the room was impressive; talk about concentration!  That is the thing about art, people become totally absorbed.  Therapeutic eh?  Irene, our new teacher is enthusiastic.  It is impossible to deal with the different rates of working when one person can knock off a painting in a morning while others are still working on fine details six weeks later.  However she seems to enjoy teaching us and we certainly enjoy her input.  November 2019


Sadly after more than a decade the art class had to say goodbye to John, our teacher.  He left to take up a teacher training course, so apart from wishing him well, we hope all those years of battling with our ‘talent’ stands him in good stead.  The culmination of our time together appeared on the wall in the computer room, namely the Van Gogh.  We so enjoyed this corporate effort that we followed it up with the Matisse which hangs opposite (somewhat drunkenly).


Would you believe that after less than a half term we found a new teacher.  Olga agreed to take us on and I hope her talent and enthusiasm rubs off.


Eileen Hill - November 2018



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