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Outings and Excursions

We usually have two outings each year - one in the Summer and another at Christmas.


2023 Our Summer trip was to Skipton Market and Oswaldtwistle Mill, and included a fish and chips lunch at Bizzie Lizzies.  Sadly it was a rather wet and miserable day - the Market was cancelled! - so we didn't stay very long after lunch.  Our coach driver agreed to take us earlier than planned to Oswaldtwistle Mill were we could wander around to our hearts' content and stay dry!  

Our Christmas outing 2022 was to the St Ives Hotel, St Annes   We had a lovely dinner followed by  entertainment.  Dancing followed which was nice, if a bit cramped.  When we left our very kind driver took us down through the Illuminations before bringing us home.  We had a great time!

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