Wednesday 10:30am - 12:30pm

Held at Crumpsall Community Hall, Cleveland Road, Crumpsall.

Wednesday mornings are never the same, thanks to Gladys.  The variety of speakers she can book to come and speak to us is marvellous.  Everyone is different, but very interesting.  Also thanks to Vilma for our keep fit class, to keep our bodies in order and to Eileen for her quizzes to keep our brains alive.


Com and join us; we are sure you will enjoy our class.  Thanks Gladys.  Barbara Lee - November 2019

What can I say about the Health and Interest class?  Well it must be the liveliest and sometimes noisiest class in C3A!  It is such a friendly class and Gladys, our leader, is very good at finding such interesting speakers for us.  We have had talks on Coronation Street, Exploring God’s own Country to gentle keep fit, how to keep well and quizzes of varying degrees of expertise needed.  We have some good trips out too and all so well organised.  Many thanks Gladys.  Hilda Bull - November 2018