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Wednesday 1.15pm - 2:45pm

Held at St Matthews Church, Cleveland Road.

Gareth Malone would be proud of C3A's Singing for Fun group.  The members look forward to attending the sessions which take place at St Matthew's with St Mary's Parish Church, Cleveland Road, Crumpsall on Wednesday at 1:15pm.


Anybody can sing, but those who sing in the bathroom would relish the opportunity of singing in a choir.  The only condition applied is that they become a member of C3A.  The choir consists of men and ladies who are led by conductor Fred Jones and his deputy John.  We have a large repertoire which consists of music from the shows and other well-known favourites.  We are hoping to extend the genre of our music. 


Any reluctance to sing is soon lost by the guidance of the conductor, the friendliness of the members and tea and biscuits during interval time.


The choir has sung at our AGM, Christmas Carol concerts and several nursing homes.  All the performances were well received and appreciated.  The choir recorded CDs that proved to be very popular and a useful source of income to college funds.


There is a vacancy for a pianist and new members will be made very welcome.  Francis Carney - November 2019


Well what can I say regarding the Singing for Fun group?  Only that they are a great bunch of people who all get along well together and also have fun.  We are not a choir as such but just love singing and laughing together.  We have about 25 people including men, and we need more.  If anyone cares to come I guarantee you will feel better from the session.  There are about seven men when they all come and we have about 20 ladies and they are a delight. 


Fortunately our numbers have not dropped despite not having a pianist.  Sadly we lost our pianist and not one is forthcoming in the near future, despite our canvassing, but we have learned to do without and I would say that we are quite good anyway and really take pleasure in our sessions together.  We have a varied repertoire which we all love and Fred (our leader and maestro) is always there with his jokes, which sometimes are very good and others hmmmm.   The banter is always very good between us all. 


Halfway through we have tea and biscuits as usual but many times we have cakes brought in by someone whose birthday it is and these are enjoyed immensely.  So for the future we will battle on regardless and continue to enjoy ourselves.  Come to St Matthews Church Hall on a Wednesday afternoon at 1.30pm, everybody welcome.  Marion Hill - November 2018


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